Skrillex Pulled Over by Police for Playing Music Too Loud, Jokingly Blames Elon Musk -- Watch!

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Skrillex thinks the Tesla speakers are just too fire.

The EDM producer was videotaped getting handcuffed by police after an incident that the DJ described as playing music "too loud" in his car outside of a friend's house.

In the Twitter video, Skrillex -- real name Sonny Moore -- can be seen in the cuffs complying with police orders, before being let go at the scene.

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"Leave it to me to play my music "too loud" ..these new demos are ? tho," the 29-year-old artist tweeted after the incident, jokingly tweeting at Tesla founder Elon Musk, "@elonmusk ur system in the tesla model x is just too ????."

All in the life of an electronic DJ!

A bit later, Skrillex clarified the nature of the handcuffing, tweeting, "Just to be clear , I got pulled over for playing my music too loud ... but handcuffed because I didn't have my ID on me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯."

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Glad everything worked out!

Meanwhile, Skrillex and his collaborator, Justin Bieber, found themselves in some legal trouble last year over the duo's track, "Sorry."

Watch the video below for more.