Adele Reveals in Letter to Fans That She May Never Tour Again

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Adele is not a fan of the open road.

The five-time GRAMMY winner performed at Wembley Stadium in London on Thursday night, and reportedly included a handwritten letter in the concert's program. In the message, the "Hello" singer reveals that her 2016 sold-out tour might have been her last. "So this is it. After 15 months on the road and 18 months of 25, we are at the end," she writes. "We have taken this tour across UK, Ireland, throughout Europe, all over America and I finally got to go to Australia and New Zealand too. Touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn't suit me particularly well."

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Adele explains that she's a "real homebody" and "dramatic," which has led to "a terrible history of touring."

The 29-year-old musician goes on to praise her fans that have attended her numerous shows. "I've done 119 shows and these last four will take me up to 123. It has been hard out an absolute thrill and pleasure to have done. I only ever did this tour for you and to hopefully have an impact on you the way that some of my favorite artists have had on me live," she notes. "I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don't know if I'll ever tour again, and so I want my last time to be at home."

Adele concludes her letter by expressing her gratitude to concertgoers. "Thank you for coming, for all of your ridiculous love and kindness," she writes. "I will remember all of this for the rest of my life. Love you. Goodnight for now."

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ET has reached out to Adele's rep in regard to the note.

This isn't the first time that Adele has hinted that she's retiring from touring. During her Auckland, New Zealand, concert in March, she shared very similar sentiments when speaking to the crowd. "I don't know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I've toured is you," she told the audience of 40,000 fans. "I'm not sure if touring is my bag. My greatest accomplishment in my career is this tour."

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