LCD Soundsystem's Gavin Russom Comes Out as Transgender: 'I'm the Happiest I've Ever Been'


Gavin Russom is done pretending.

The LCD Soundsystem musician revealed her transgender identity in a candid new interview with Grindr's INTO publication.

"This is my fifth decade being alive," Russom said. "And in each of those decades, there’s been a time where I’ve tried to say, ‘Hey, I think I’m transgender!’ This was even before that word existed.”

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During the interview, Russom, who for now at least, says she'll still go by Gavin, dives deep into her past struggle to accept binaries, both in gender and at large, explaining that ahead of LCD Soundsystem's highly-anticipated comeback album, American Dream, which drops this September following the group's six-year hiatus, she "could not imagine" continuing to hide her true self.

"My body rejected it in the same way that it now utterly rejects going into a men’s bathroom or when somebody calls me 'sir,'" she shared, noting that her bandmates have been "really supportive" of her transition.

"The general feeling in the group is that will make the band better," Russom said. The synth player also hopes that her revelation helps others who are struggling with their own identity.

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"For anybody who is struggling with their gender identity or who wants to come out and is afraid to, what would be better than giving someone permission to do that through my performance?" she said. "That’s the ultimate. It’s what other people gave to me, so I’d love to pass that along to other people, too."

And as Russom has learned, that support can be critical. Despite saying she's the "happiest I've ever been," Russom did admit to dealing with many of the fears transgender people face, like using public restrooms.

“I have my good days and my bad days," she said. "On my bad days, it really sucks and I wait until I get home to go to the bathroom—which is such a basic thing."

Read the entire piece here.

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