'Nailed It!' Watch Joey and Hunter King Compete on the Baking Show (Exclusive)

Joey and Hunter King

The sisters give it their best attempt at recreating edible masterpieces in season 5 of the Netflix baking competition.

Sisters Joey and Hunter King are getting into double the trouble on season 5 of Nailed It, and ET has an exclusive preview of their attempt to recreate edible masterpieces in a travel-themed episode. 

Hosted and judged by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, the Emmy-nominated series’ latest season, dubbed Double Trouble, sees home bakers pairing up in teams of two as they vie for the grand prize of $10,000. 

“We were expecting to get better cakes but they failed miserably! They ALL had bad cakes, but we definitely had a lot of fun with them this season,” Jacques told ET about added baking power. 

And the King sisters get thrown into the deep end in round one, during the Baker’s Choice challenge, when they have to make spiced donut tourists. “Under pressure I’m not great,” The Kissing Booth star says in the clip as butter ends up on the floor. 

When asked how Joey and Hunter compared to the rest of their competitors, which includes two older college friends and a dating couple, Jacques said that they were such fun competitors. “[Joey] clearly enjoyed the experience, which is what we are all about!” he continued. “I’m very passionate about culinary education so it was a joy working with Joey and the rest of the amateur bakers.”

While season 5 sees everyone from best buds to brothers and sisters and even a pair of drag queens, it’s one of the few times celebrities have appeared on the show. The Hunter sisters were preceded by Paul Scheer, who competed in one of the special, holiday-themed seasons. 

As for a dream double trouble team, Jacques had the best answer: “The Obamas!” 

Maybe next season...

Nailed It returns with season 5 on March 26 on Netflix.