'Nancy Drew' Season 2 Poster Warns Everyone Is a Suspect: First Look (Exclusive)

Nancy Drew
The CW

The Drew Crew is back!

"Suspect everyone."

If that's not a warning sign that things are about to get very, very dire for Nancy Drew and her friends, via ET's exclusive first look at the season 2 poster, then we don't know what is.

In just five weeks, The CW's mystery drama kicks off the new season, which picks up right after Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the Drew Crew each received disturbing visions of their impending deaths because of their failure to pay the toll to the haunting Aglaeca spirit. 

But the thought of any member of the Drew Crew being remotely suspicious of any wrongdoing or sinister act is just too painful to even think about. (And, it can't be forgotten Nancy's parentage revelation. Can the poor girl catch a break?!)

Check out the official season 2 poster, exclusively at ET, below.

The CW

Following the freshman finale, McMann opened up about the twist and its immediate effects on the titular sleuth and her inner circle.

"It was so interesting to see the different routes that they took with the way each of us might die. And that was totally unexpected. I mean, we knew that the Aglaeca was still up in the air, but obviously the episode is so intense with dealing with Owen's death and with Josh. And then to have that come at the end, it's just this looming horror that they know is coming," McMann told ET in April. "It was so exhilarating to see that because I love that we see it fully played out in that way because it's like, Look, this is the way it's going to happenYou better watch your back. And it's really, really exciting."

With the threat of death looming, the 24-year-old actress noted that seeing their lives cut potentially cut short forces the Drew Crew to reexamine their priorities with more urgency. 

"It definitely changes things for all of them," she said. "I think it puts a lot of things into perspective and it'll accelerate a lot of relationships -- both of people reconciling perhaps or the romances that are in play. A lot of the characters are dealing with the fact that this might be my last few days on Earth. How do I want to spend that? Who do I want to spend it with? How do I want to leave things and do I want to tell anybody? Do I want to tell the people I care about that aren't involved in this about what might happen?"

Nancy Drew also stars Scott Wolf, Alex Saxon, Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani, Tunji Kasim, Riley Smith and Alvina August.

Nancy Drew returns Wednesday, Jan. 20 on The CW. For more on the series, watch the video below.

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