Natalia Grace Takes DNA Test and Her Real Age Is Seemingly Confirmed

The second season of the ID series has come to an end, but there's more to the story.

Natalia Grace is feeling some vindication. 

Now that season 2 of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks has come to an end, one of the biggest questions in the saga has seemingly been answered.

Through DNA tests conducted by TruDiagnostic labs, Natalia's age appears to be 22 years old. The results suggest that Natalia was around 9 years old when she was adopted by Michael and Kristine Barnett.

When the lab work was conducted in August 2023, Natalia suspected that she was around 23 years old.

After the results were revealed, Natalia became emotional. 

"This one little piece of paper throws every single lie that the Barnetts said right into the trash with a match," she tells her adoptive father, Antwon Mans. "This is so big. Because literally, this has been 13 years of just two people lying their butts off. They ruined a kid's life. They painted me as some big monster when in reality they were the ones."

She added, "It just proves that I was not lying about my age." 

The lab results dispute the Barnetts' claims that Natalia -- who suffers from a form of dwarfism -- was actually an adult woman posing as a child. 

In 2010, Michael and Kristine thought they had adopted a 6-year-old orphaned girl from Ukraine. Not realizing she had a form of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal, the Indiana couple claimed that they became suspicious that their newest family member was not actually a child.

The Barnetts made a series of claims that included accusations that Natalia tried to harm them and their biological children. The couple also said that Natalia showed signs of someone much older than a child. 

Michael and Kristine would go on to legally have her age changed from 6 to 22. By 2013, the Barnett family moved to Canada and left Natalia behind in an apartment in Lafayette, Indiana. 

Michael was found not guilty of three counts of neglect and conspiracy to commit neglect of a dependent in 2022. Kristine's charges were dropped the following year. 

During the shocking finale, Natalia and her former adoptive father, Michael, have an emotional confrontation that ends with Michael laying the blame on his ex-wife, Kristine, and sobbing for forgiveness -- which Natalia eventually gives.

Natalia gets legally adopted by Antwon and Cynthia Mans -- her legal guardians who took her in after she was abandoned -- and Natalia seems optimistic about her potential and her future.

The closing minute of the show features an audio clip from the Mans -- who claim something is not right -- and things take a twist. 

"Something ain't right with Natalia. This girl is tweakin'," Antwon can be heard claiming to producers. "I feel like she's the enemy in the house. And she said to us, we have held her hostage. Made us look like we're the enemy."

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