NeNe Leakes Sets the Record Straight on Her 'RHOA' Exit: She Wasn't Fired! (Exclusive)

Plus, NeNe gets candid on her current relationship with Andy Cohen.

NeNe Leakes is opening up to ET about her headline-making departure from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Leakes spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier on Thursday, and she made it clear that she was not fired from the Bravo reality show.

Leakes said she made the decision to leave the show, which she's been a part of since its 2008 debut, though she skipped season 9.

"I left the show," she says. "I had an offer on the table. I did not think the offer was a fair offer."

When asked if she would ever come back to the Housewives franchise, she says she isn't interested at the moment.

"I wish them all the best, really, I do," she says. "But I don't think that's the place for me."

Leakes also commented on the drama between her and Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen. Leakes recently expressed her disappointment at Cohen for having Wendy Williams on an episode of his show, Watch What Happens Live, in which Williams criticized her. In a YouTube video, Leakes told Cohen to leave her alone and stop bringing her name up on his show for ratings. She also claimed Cohen had been "forcing" her out of RHOA for the past four years.
"Andy, remember, no one knew you until you knew me," she also said.

Leakes now tells ET of Cohen, "Well, I thought that we had a relationship and a great relationship. But maybe we didn't. I don't know."

"You know, you don't turn off your feelings for someone because you had an argument," she continues. "I've always loved Andy like he was a family member of mine. I worked with him for a very long time so I have a lot of love for him, so, you know, you can't just turn your feelings off because you had an argument."

Leakes expressed hope that she can reconcile with Cohen in the future.

"I mean, again, I consider him to be like family, families argue. Families fight. Families come back together," she says. "I have nothing but love for him and I'm certain that we will talk. We just texted right after that happened."

The 52-year-old reality star acknowledged she's been struggling amid all the drama.

"It is heavy," she says. "It's public and it's heavy. But, I'm gonna be fine. It's just a lot. You know, I'm gonna get through it."

Tune in to Thursday's episode of Entertainment Tonight for more from Leakes, including her candid thoughts on Williams.

Meanwhile, ET has reached out to Cohen for comment. After Leakes announced she was leaving RHOA, he did post an Instagram about her, calling her an "icon."

"Nene Leakes is an icon of the genre," he wrote, sharing personal pictures with her over the years. "She is a gif and catchphrase machine. In 11 years of #WWHL, Nene has been our most frequent guest, and she is always A BLAST. Nene nicknamed me 'Buttercup' the first day we met, and still calls me that today."

"Through her whole run, she has always had a serious concern and drive to maintain the success and well-being of #RHOA," he continued. I am going to miss Nene on the show, but I'm hoping we work together again soon and will remain in each other's orbits forever. XO, Buttercup. #Bloop #LowDownMonkeyWithAWig #CloseYourLegsToMarriedMen #WeSeeEachOthah #ISaidWhatISaid #TrumpCheck #ByeWig #SoNastyAndSoRude #Buttercup."

Watch the video below for more.