New Cast Photo For 'The Lion King' Has Us Feeling No Worries For the Rest Of Our Days

The highly-anticipated remake will hit theaters in 2019!

Fans of The Lion King are sure to feel the love when they see the latest photo of some of the cast!

On Wednesday, Seth Rogen shared a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming 2019 remake of the classic Disney film on Instagram. The pic was taken in the recording studio where they're making the animated film, and features Rogen alongside his co-stars, Donald Glover and Billy Eichner as well as director Jon Favreau.

Glover, 35, had the most Disney spirit in the shot thanks to his red Donald Duck sweater. As for Rogen, 36, he wore a yellow shirt and dark baseball cap, while Eichner, 40, opted for a blue flannel over a T-shirt. Lastly, Favreau, 51, rocked a black graphic T-shirt. 

The group is clearly hard at work on the highly-anticipated remake, where Glover is set to star as Simba, Rogen will take on the role of Pumbaa and Eichner will voice Timon. In addition to the famous trio pictured, Beyonce will star as Nala, while Keegan-Michael Key, Chiwetel Ejiofor, James Earl Jones and John Oliver are also set to appear.

Back in April, Eichner told ET that he was already "having a blast" making the flick.

"It's a long process, because we started last August and it doesn't come out until July 2019, but I've been doing some singing," he told ET's Sophie Schillaci. "We recorded a bunch of the songs. It's been me, Seth Rogen, Donald Glover singing 'Hakuna Matata.' Life is very surreal and fun."

As for Glover, he told ET in May that he was ready for the role, despite it being "a little intimidating." 

"They're like, 'So here are the lyrics,' and I'm like, 'I know the lyrics! Don't worry,'" Glover said. "I was in fourth grade when this came out."

When it comes to working with Beyonce, Glover only had wonderful things to say. "Just hearing her do it, it's been like, 'Man, this is a really special thing,'" he shared.

Rogen, meanwhile, told ET's Courtney Tezeno that making the movie was "thrilling" and "amazing for many reasons."

“One is because I’m a big fan of The Lion King. Two is because it’s the most expensive movie I'll have anything to do with probably, so that’s thrilling," he said in July. "Jon Favreau, the director, I’ve known since I was 18, is a very close friend of mine. So again, it’s always exciting to get to work with people that you know well. Yeah and we're good friends. Overall it's surreal. It will be weird when it comes out.”

Watch the video below for more on upcoming film: