'New Girl' Sneak Peeks: Nick and Jess Deal With Career Hiccups in Their Own Unique Way (Exclusive)


ET exclusively debuts two first looks from Tuesday's brand new episode.

Nick and Jess still have a lot of growing up to do.

On Tuesday's episode of New Girl, titled "Tuesday Meeting," Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) settles into her new job working for her ex, Russell (Dermot Mulroney), to help build libraries. Though Jess tries to upsell her new gig as something more than ideal for a 30-something, Nick (Jake Johnson) -- now a successful YA author -- sees right through it. But she's not the only one going through a semi-professional crisis!

In the first of ET's double dose of exclusive sneak peeks at the episode, Jess tells Nick that she's enjoying her new position "rolling up her sleeves" as a "working girl." Though, really, her job calls for her to run down a stack of names to make sure their contact info is accurate and up to date.

"Sounds like you got a lot of busy work, ya cool with that?" Nick rightly calls out, as a photographer attempts to stealthily take candid shots of him in the background. "I'm leaning toward no," Jess says, distracted by the photographer, but being employed has its perks. Jess still has a long-enough lunch where she gets to duck out for a fancy meal with her gal-pal, Cece (Hannah Simone).


In the second exclusive first look, Nick meets with his editor about the latest in his uber-successful and popular YA series, The Pepperwood Chronicles. While Jess believes it's a slam dunk, Nick's editor isn't a fan, calling the proposed latest installment -- which seems to mirror Nick's real life -- "unbearable" and pure "fluff."

"He fell in love and then he was reborn and it's sweet when you think about it like that," Nick pitches to his editor, who isn't buying what he's selling at all. According to him, because he's changed, he's lost the main character's voice and as a result, they can't publish it, suggesting that the Pepperwood series may be over for good.

When his editor assumes he has other ideas he can go to, Nick plays along -- though in reality he barely has a coherent thought to put down to paper, much less three feasible options for book ideas.

"No, I want to pitch you my best 10!" Nick overshoots, before quickly scaling it back: "I'm going to pitch you three." Watch the exclusive sneak peeks below.

New Girl airs Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.