New Music Releases March 19: Justin Bieber, Addison Rae, Teddy Geiger and More

Check out some of ET's top new music picks of the week!

Happy New Music Friday! It's every audiophile's favorite day of the week, and some of our favorite artists from all different genres have blessed us with new tunes.

Following singles "Holy," "Lonely" and "Anyone," Justin Bieber dropped his sixth studio album, Justice. TikTok star Addison Rae kicked off her music career with the debut of her very first single, "Obsessed." Nick Jonas released his third solo album, Spaceman -- though, not to fear, JoBros fans, there's an awesome collab with his brothers on the penultimate track, "Selfish."

Plus, Lana Del Rey shared her highly anticipated seventh studio album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, Madeline the Person made her debut with a tender ballad about the pain of losing a parent, "As a Child," and Teddy Geiger dropped her first new music of the year: a dreamy Pretenders cover and a new original single, "Love Somebody."

Check out some of our favorite recommendations for new songs and albums to listen to this week below -- plus, where you can stream them now!

Justice - Justin Bieber

Stream it now: Amazon / Apple / Spotify

"Obsessed" - Addison Rae

Stream it now: Amazon / Apple / Spotify

Spaceman - Nick Jonas

Stream it now: Amazon / Apple / Spotify

Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Lana Del Rey

Stream it now: Amazon / Apple / Spotify

"Love Somebody" - Teddy Geiger

Stream it now: Spotify

"As a Child" - Madeline the Person

Stream it now: Amazon / Apple / Spotify



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