Donald Trump Questions President Obama's Citizenship


Donald Trump has gone on record criticizing the way America is being run on his road to possible presidential candidacy, but the outspoken creator of "The Apprentice" is engaging another issue that he feels is just as imperative; President Barack Obama's place of birth.

Trump was with Meredith Vieira on the "Today" show this morning and said bluntly that he doesn't believe President Barack Obama was born in the United States, despite his camp advising him to move on to other topics.

"Three weeks ago before he started, I thought he was born in the country and now I have a much bigger doubt," the real estate mogul said emphatically. "His grandmother in Kenya says he was born in Kenya and witnessed the birth, okay?"

Trump and Vieira virtually have a stand off on the subject as he states Obama's certificate of live birth is "not even close" to being an equivalent of a U.S. birth certificate that the "Today" host mentions.

In the end, Trump declares that he hopes Obama can add some validity to his residence status with an authentic birth certificate. Until then however, the "Celebrity Apprentice" star made one glaring proclamation.

"I hope he can [show his birth certificate]. If not, then he's pulled one of the greatest cons in the history of politics."

Listen to more of Trump's stunning statements in the video.