What Turns Fergie on About Husband Josh Duhamel


Fergie's husband, Josh Duhamel, attended the American Red Cross, Santa Monica Chapter's Annual Red Tie Affair on April 9 as an honoree, and the singer gave a surprising answer to what keeps the fire burning in their marriage.

"I'm so proud, because a few tragedies have happened and [Josh] just got up and had this idea to create a run," said Fergie, referring to the Tokidoki relief run held in Santa Monica, California on March 27 that benefitted the Red Cross. "It's really attractive that [my] husband thinks of these things."

While being acknowledged for all the work he's already done for those suffering across the world, Josh urged that his job is not over yet.

"There's usually a media blitz at the beginning with something like this and then they go on to the next thing," said the actor. "Right now Japan is really hurting and I think that people should remember that."

Paris Hilton explained what sets the American Red Cross apart from the rest, saying, "There's so many charities out there but the Red Cross is one that you can really trust, and I think that's why so many people are behind it."

Betty White was also honored at the event in Santa Monica, California, and she reminisced over the charity's 100-plus years of service, saying, "Growing up, sort of the one solid, positive of my earliest memories were when anything went wrong the Red Cross was always there."