'Money Never Sleeps' for Michael's Ex

Getty Images

It appears that Michael Douglas' ex-wife was not discouraged by last November's dismissal. In fact, Diandra Douglas has just re-ignited her bid to get half of Michael's earnings from the 2010 film, 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.' 

The Associated Press is reporting that lawyers for both Michael and ex-wife Diandra met Tuesday in a New York courthouse to reconsider the judge's previous decision to have the case heard in California, where the divorce had originally taken place. Michael did not appear in court, however The AP details that lawyers for both camps were at it in quite a nasty way.

A lawyer for Michael felt Diandra "should be ashamed of herself" for attempting to seek even more cash when she has already received over $51 million. In Diandra's defense, her lawyers were quick to point out Michael recently purchased a $5+ million dollar home near New York. Outside court, Diandra complained of the "mudslinging" she believes was directed her way.

ET caught up with Douglas a mere few hours later in New York City, as he attended The Carngie Hall 120th Anniversary Gala, and it seems the actor was unfazed by the day's events. He was "having a good time" tonight, adding he "feels good."

The couple divorced in 2000 after 23 years of marriage. They have one child together, son Cameron.