Courteney Cox Surprises David Arquette

Getty Images

After David Arquette had many appearances alone in the Howard Stern Sirius XM studio, Courteney Cox joined them in the studio to set the record straight of the Scream 4 star’s relationship.

The couple has been facing questions about their relationship all week long and while it is clear that they both still have a tremendous amount of love for each other, their future still remains uncertain.

David seems ready to give their relationship another go but Courteney is still uncertain that history won’t repeat itself if they reunited.

“I don’t think we tried our hardest,” she admitted to Howard and added that at this point she feels, “more hopeful about his life and him finding someone.”

Throughout the surprise interview, Courteney was very open and honest about how she feels about David saying that she would be hurt if he ever started dating Jennifer Aniston, would never consider being with another woman to please David and is so afraid of being alone at night that their daughter Coco sleeps in her bed.

David too shared that he worries there may have been some things he has done himself to ruin his marriage but he adamantly stated that any one who would be with him if it didn’t work out with Courteney would have to understand that she would be third in line next to Courteney and Coco.

While Courteney has always been known to be more level-headed of the two, David is impatient and would like a resolution sooner rather than later.

“We have a family together. We have beautiful love. She makes me laugh like nobody. We can live a happy life together.”