Gwyneth Paltrow Discusses Memories Of Her Father


Gwyneth Paltrow
has written a new book titled My Father's Daughter in which she talks about her love of cooking and dear memories of her father, Bruce Paltrow.

"Every day with my father was amazing," says Gwyneth. "To cook with him and just be with him in the kitchen, we were always kind of inspiring each other. I have many years of great cooking memories with him."

When asked if it was an emotional experience to be talking about her father publicly again, Gwyneth said, "There's a part of myself where I have to stay pretty guarded in a way, otherwise I’d be crying in all of my interviews, but it's a very nice thing to feel reconnected to him."

My Father's Daughter is available in stores now.

Check out the video above to see Gwyneth discuss her father and her love of cooking at a recent book signing.