ET Flashback '99: Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson is set to star opposite Vin Diesel in the upcoming film 'Fast Five,' and ET's taking you back to when he was the most electrifying man in sports entertainment!

ET was at USA Network's TCAs and met up with Dwayne, then known as his wrestling moniker, "The Rock." He spoke about "Halftime Heat," a show that was to air during Super Bowl XXXIII, the only way Dwayne knows how: in third person. "There's gonna be damn near 15, 20 million people watching USA during halftime because they all want to see the most electrifying man in sports entertainment."

The former flamboyant wrestler was certainly boastful to say the least, but Dwayne showed a more compassionate side when the subject of kids following his footsteps was brought up. He made an emphasis on getting an education first (he has two degrees from the University of Miami), gave praise to the wrestling business and encouraged anyone who sets their sights on entering to do so, with the possibility of going one-on-one with the people's champ himself.

Hear what else the self-proclaimed "best damn WWF champ there ever was" had to say, if you smell what Dwayne is cooking!