Kate Hudson Announces She's Engaged

Getty Images

Kate Hudson announced on Wednesday's "Today" that she is engaged to boyfriend Matt Bellamy

In an interview with host Matt Lauer, the pregnant Hudson also said she thinks her baby is a girl. 

Lauer noticed the 'Something Borrowed' star was wearing a large ring that hadn't been noticed before and asked the actress, "Is this new?" "This is new," Hudson responded, adding: "It just happened a week ago. I haven't really announced it, I was waiting for someone to notice."

When asked about the proposal, she called it "sweet" and "romantic" and said she's not yet sure about a date. "We're just going to sit in to the baby thing for a little bit and figure out when a good time would be."

Hudson also told Lauer she loves being pregnant and said while she doesn't know for sure the sex of the baby, she conducted an unscientific pendulum test that points to a girl. "I think it's a girl -- and I'm carrying so different than with (seven-year-old son) Ryder."