Celeb Sweat: Kate Middleton

Getty Images
As Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, speculation about her wedding day continued.  The 5'10" brunette has always been thin, however there's talk that she's lost weight since she and then Prince William, now Duke of Cambridge, announced their engagement. Yet, there's little chance that Kate is having issues with not eating. She has been known as an extremely disciplined eater according to ABCNews, who quoted a friend as saying, "She's never had an eating problem." What's more, her history in playing multiple sports may help her stay lean and burn any calories that may come from unhealthy foods. In fact, she has been spotted skiing and rowing in recent years and reportedly played tennis, hockey, swimming, netball, and rounders in her younger years. In addition to enjoying outdoor sports for fun, the all-around athlete also reportedly carries a workout regimen in the gym daily.

Hottest Spot: Knees

You may not hear it often, but toned knees are hard to come by. However, Kate's knees take the cake and are constantly on display. She seems to regularly wear dresses and skirts that are just above the knee which showcases them perfectly to onlookers. And even when she's not wearing a dress, it seems she dons riding boots which further put emphasis on her pretty patellas.

Guilty Pleasure: Spaghetti
Celebs in the City posted an article recently that had Kate enjoying a plate of spaghetti with sister Pippa during a girls' night out just over a month ago.

Favorite Sport: Field Hockey
Turns out Prince Harry and his new sister-in-law are both experienced captains. While Prince Harry was recently promoted to Captain in the British Army Air Corps, Kate was captain of her college field hockey team, a sport similar to soccer. According to Exercise.com, the sport requires training, "by doing cardiovascular exercises such as high intensity sprints to build speed and stamina." As many speculate her and Prince William are in it for the long haul, she'll need that stamina as she weds her way into the Royal family and all that comes with it.