WATCH: Enter the World of 'Adult Babies'


On Monday’s episode of National Geographic's "Taboo," the show told the tale of a pair of unusual people.

Meet Stanley: a 29-year-old man who sleeps in a crib, sucks on a pacifier, drinks from a bottle, wears diapers, and eats baby food in a large high chair. Meet Sandra: Stanley's friend and roommate, a former nurse who essentially role plays as his mother, cuddling and swaddling this self-proclaimed "adult baby."

During the episode, which focused on "fantasy lives," Stanley explains his role playing as a baby as a way of blowing off steam from a stressful day of work – only Stanley doesn’t have a job. And neither does Sandra. Both of them receive Social Security disability benefits for unspecified reasons and spend their free time running an adult baby internet support group and building custom-made baby furniture that can support Stanley's weight.

In the show, Stanley says that his infantilism is not based out of any sexual desire but rather a desire to be nurtured.

At one point, Sandra coos, "Picture an adult man laying in a crib, with his puppy, his little stuffed dog, a smile on his face – it is so cute."

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