Racy New Pippa Middleton Photo Released

Getty Images

Is it double trouble for new royal, the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton? Only hours after compromising photos of her brother James surfaced, a new photo appears to show the newlywed's sister Pippa dancing in a bra and a skirt.

The photo, posted by People.com, shows Pippa wearing what appears to be a purple bra and a white skirt. A shirtless young man dances up against her wearing what appear to be plaid boxer shorts, as they hold hands with their eyes closed.

Earlier Wednesday, news broke that Scallywagandvagabond.com had posted pictures of James in compromising positions doing everything from mooning the camera with two friends, putting his hand down his drawers and sitting in a chair appearing totally nude. It's not known when exactly those pictures were taken, but the web site reported that the photos have "been around for a bit."