Prince William Praised for 'Brave' Rescue that Saved Man's Life

Getty Images

Prince William is being praised for saving the life of a hiker after returning to his job as a rescue pilot just days after marryingKate Middleton in a grand ceremony watched by millions around the world.

The prince's RAF rescue unit flew Sea King helicopters into a remote area of north Wales last week to rescue retired British judge Nick Barnett, 70, who had suffered a heart attack while walking in the mountains.

Prince William, who has delayed his honeymoon while he returned to work, flew Barnett to the hospital, where he received emergency treatment for his heart ailment, the BBCreported

"I'm very grateful to Prince William and the entire helicopter crew and the member of the Llanberis mountain rescue team, who came to my aid and was extremely helpful," Barnett said. "You see all the TV documentaries about the air-sea rescue teams and it all looks hair-raising. Until it happens to you, you don't appreciate the skill and bravery they show."

The prince also took part in another rescue on a different mountain last week when a man fell near the summit, dislocated his shoulder and had to be taken off the mountain, according to the BBC.