Andrew Morton: Princess Diana 'Would Have Been Jealous' of Kate Middleton


Andrew Morton, author of William & Catherine: Their Story, in stores now, and founder of The Morton Report, dished to us on Prince William and Kate Middleton's honeymoon and why he thinks Princess Diana would have been jealous of the new Duchess of Cambridge.

"Diana loved to be in the limelight," Andrew said, explaining his position. "And for once, she would be in the shadows."

Andrew added that by now Diana would have been almost 50 years old and passing the "fashion baton" to her new daughter-in-law, further distancing herself from the spotlight.

Andrew's new book is a tell-all concerning William and Kate's relationship, which has already seen its fair share of scandal with the release of racy photos of Pippa Middleton. But according to Andrew, Prince William isn't bothered by the gossip.

"William always says that he came with a lot of baggage because it's not just the Middleton family who've got a few skeletons in their cupboard," said Andrew. "The house of Windsor is full of them. You've got the Fergie pictures of having her toes sucked [and] you've got Prince Charles and his racy taped recorded messages to Camilla Parker Bowles."

Right now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are miles away from their concerns back home, enjoying their honeymoon reportedly in the Seychelles.

Andrew divulged that the Seychelles "is a place where they went to when they reconciled after their split in 2007, so it's got some really fond memories for them."

Click the video to hear who Andrew expects the British media to champion as the next Queen of England.