Sarah Palin and Donald Trump Dine on Pizza in Times Square

Getty Images

It was a meeting of the minds as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump enjoyed a hot slice in Times Square on Tuesday, according to

Palin and Trump, perhaps two of the most recognizable Republican figures, dined on pepperoni pizza at the midtown branch of Famous Famiglia pizza during her bus tour stop in New York City. The former Alaskan governor was with one of her daughters and parents while the "Celebrity Apprentice" star was accompanied by wife Melania.

The press frenzy garnished mass attention as onlookers and tourists alike gathered along the restaurant's windows to take pictures and videos. Trump even decided to stir the pot a little as he arrived at the pizzeria. "She didn't ask me [to run with her]," Trump testifies. But I'll tell you, she's a terrific woman."