Heidi Klum To Go Nude

Getty Images

Heidi Klum is going nude. Known for her Victoria's Secret-worthy body, the supermodel has agreed to bare all in a new campaign for the ninth season of "Project Runway," and to promote Lifetime network's new, sexier image.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision for Heidi to appear in the buff was inspired by the cable network's push to embrace the contemporary woman, and to move away from the "woman in peril" stereotype that's often associated with Lifetime's original movies. Lifetime president and general manager Nancy Dubuc said that her staff has been tasked with finding and celebrating female characters who are "brazen, strong, confident and sexy," and according to Dubuc, who spoke at Real Screens' Factual Entertainment Forum on Thursday, having Heidi boldly show off her figure is a way to showcase all four attributes in one grand gesture.

And of course, "it's Heidi F--in' Klum," she added.

"Project Runway" season nine will kick off this summer on Lifetime.