WATCH: Male Pole Dancer Dazzles on 'America's Got Talent'

WATCH: Male Pole Dancer Dazzles on 'America's Got Talent'

Just when you thought you'd seen it all on 'America's Got Talent', male pole dancer Steve Retchless shocked both the audience and judges on the NBC show with a sassy pole-dancing performance set to Katy Perry's hit "E.T.".

The super-toned Steve sparkled in silver hot pants and body glitter, and performed his jaw-dropping routine in impressively high black high heels. His surprising strut, combined with some serious aerial acrobatics that made his athleticism undeniable, quickly won over the shocked audience.

But although the crowd seemed to love it, judge Piers Morgan was less than enthused.

"We've all got bodies like that but the decent thing is to cover it with clothes," Piers joked. "I didn't get it," he said as the crowd booed him.

One person who did love it? Outspoken judge Sharon Osbourne.

"You should be called 'Steve the Magnificent,'" she said. "You are all things to everyone. You are quite androgynous and I think everyone will just fall in love with you, man or woman."

Host Nick Cannon seemed to agree as he told the camera backstage, "Talent is talent. Don't matter if you're wearing high heels or not."

Check out "Steve the Magnificent"'s already buzzed-about pole-dancing prowess.