WATCH: Maria Shriver's Emotional Speech in Greece


Maria Shriver is currently in Greece, where she spoke at the unveiling of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Park in Athens as part of the 2011 World Summer Games.

Reflecting on her mother Eunice's legacy, who founded the Special Olympics and whom the park is named after, Maria said, "Mummy would be thrilled that this park is in Athens because it's named after the Goddess Athena. And as we all know, the Goddess Athena is the goddess of wisdom, but she is never depicted without her shield and without her helmet because she is a warrior. At heart, she is a warrior. And I think as every woman knows, you have to be both. You have to know when to be wise. You have to know when to be compassionate. And you have to know when to put on your helmet, take out your spear, put on your shield and go to war

and fight for what you believe in. And Mummy was, at her heart, a warrior."

Maria was joined by her children, her brothers, dignitaries, Special Olympic athletes and fans at the event. Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Olympic athletes Michelle Kwan, Dikembe Mutombo and Yao Ming were also in attendance.

Check out the video to see more of Maria's emotional speech honoring her mother.