WATCH: Selena Gomez Meets Her Celebrity Crush Shia LaBeouf


After continuously calling him out as her celebrity crush, a clearly embarrassed, and undoubtedly smitten, Selena Gomez met Shia LaBeouf and posted the priceless moment on YouTube last night.

Selena, who her pals told her was going in a room to meet some fans, was clearly shocked as none other than the 'Transformers' actor himself was waiting in a chair.

"Oh my gosh," Selena says, quickly walking out of the room.

Shia took it in stride, telling her, "Thanks for being so sweet to me. You're really sweet to me."

Selena, who is in a highly-publicized relationship with Justin Bieber, was clearly starstruck after meeting her celeb crush.

"He's so cute," she gushes after the surprise meeting. "Oh my gosh, he's so handsome."

Check out the video to see an excited Selena tell Shia she "admires" him.