WATCH: Prince Andrew Buddies with Billionaire Sex Offender?


Though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pretty much the picture of perfection, it seems all is not rosy when it comes to the royals.

In an upcoming explosive Vanity Fair story, the magazine takes a close look at Prince Andrew and how his "dissolute lifestyle, links to unsavory foreign potentates, and friendship with the American registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein" are sabotaging the Queen's effort to rehabilitate the image of the monarchy.

Writer Edward Klein explores the many scandals of Prince Andrew, the "black sheep" of the royal family, in the article, particularly his relationship with Epstein. Klein recounts the story of Ed Perkins, Prince Andrew's press secretary, getting a phone call from an assistant editor at British tabloid The Mail on Sunday, which obtained an interview with a woman named Virginia Roberts. Roberts claims that the billionaire Epstein had trained her as an under-age prostitute and flown her to London in 2001 (when she was just 17-years-old) for the express purpose of "spending time" with Prince Andrew. The tabloid had evidence such as flight logs from Epstein's Boeing 727 and Gulfstream jet, and a photo showing Prince Andrew with his arm around Roberts.

A damaging photo also surfaced in the News of the World, showing Prince Andrew walking side-by-side with Epstein through New York's Central Park.

"Andrew has a stubborn streak. He does stupid things out of hubris, to show that he can do them," an inside source tells the magazine. "If he likes someone, he'll ignore the truth about that person."

The source goes on to infer that Prince Andrew has gotten away with his many missteps, and still managed to hang on to his role as British trade ambassador, because he is spoiled.

"He thinks that he can power his way through everything. He's an adored second son. His mother, the Queen, dotes on him, favors him above all her other children, and excuses his every foible."

However, Klein predicts that things will not go so well for Prince Andrew once Prince Charles, who has made it no secret that he intends to make significant changes in the monarchy, eventually takes on a more significant role in royal affairs.

" Queen Elizabeth's power wanes and Charles's power grows, Andrew is likely to find himself out of a job and out of luck," writes Klein.

Vanity Fair's latest issue hits newsstands July 5th. Check out the video to see Klein discuss the controversial Prince Andrew.