Royal Trip Details: Prince William & Kate Middleton's BBQ Menu

Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton are continuing their visit to Canada after a full day of events on Thursday that concluded with an informal barbecue.

Even though the event - during which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with young Canadians -- was brought indoors due to rain, attendees still got to dine on first-class regional food. 

According to, the barbecue menu included items from across Canada: Yukon Arctic char caviar, Winnipeg smoked goldeye, Prince Edward Island cheddar parfait, Banks Island muskox prosciutto with Alberta cheese crackling. For dessert, guests enjoyed Niagara Peninsula sun-dried sour cherry and white chocolate cheesecake lollipops and fresh Quebec strawberries.

The royal couple's North American Tour will also take them to California, beginning July 8. The U.S. portion of the trip will include a red carpet event, a polo match and other appearances during which the royals will meet with charitable and business leaders.