Jaycee Dugard's First Words on Giving Birth in Captivity


Jaycee Dugardis speaking publicly for the first time on her horrific 18-year captivity, opening up to ABC's Diane Sawyer on being raped, getting pregnant and giving birth while locked away from the world.  

In this clip aired on ABC's "Good Morning America," Dugard explains how "painful" it was having a baby at age 14 by herself in the backyard where she was held captive at the home of Phillip Garrido.

But Dugard, now 31, tells Sawyer her positive reaction after seeing her baby. "She was beautiful. I felt like I wasnt alone anymore. I had somebody who was mine. I wasn't alone."

Watch the video to also hear Dugard's mother, Terry Probyn, recount why she didn't even have a chance to kiss her girls goodbye on that fateful morning in 1991 when Jaycee was abducted while walking to school. 

Sawyer's exclusive sit-down interview with Dugard airs this Sunday, July 10 on a special two-hour edition of ABC's "Primetime."