The End is Near! Stars React to #Carmageddon

Getty Images

There's trouble in La La Land… Carmageddon has arrived! Hollywood's brightest stars are finding themselves trapped for the weekend, as a 10-mile strip of the I-405, one of the most congested freeways in a city with infamously terrible traffic, is shut down for construction. So what do the most famous residents of L.A. have to say?

Celebrities have been reacting to the Carpocalypse on Twitter, voicing their terror at the prospect of having to brave the pavement. Paris Hilton tweeted, "Hey LA, who's scared of Carmageddon? I'm not leaving my house to drive anywhere this weekend. Traffic is going to be #bRutal!" Katharine McPhee added her voice to the chorus of distraught Angelinos, tweeting, "It's almost #Carmageddon day…. I am scared. It's gonna be a nightmare out here."

So how will the celebs survive? If they take Tom Hanks' advice, they will not leave the confines of their homes. "This weekend, LA! Avoid Carmageddon, Gas-zilla, 405-enstein, Grid-lock-apalooza! STAY HOME. Eat & shop local! Hanx." Lo Bosworth agrees. "I'm riding my bike and doing hood rat stuff during carmageddon," she tweeted. Greg Grunberg has been stocking up on supplies and is now prepared to barricade himself indoors. He wrote, "My #Carmageddon gear: Jerky? Check! Mayo? Check! Bad News Bears DVDs? Check! Cake&IceCream? Check! Oh, Wife&Kids? Check! I guess I'm good!!!"

Of course, this is L.A., so we can only expect people to treat traffic with the trademark theatricality, horror, and humor of Hollywood. Ben Schwartz joked, "Just heard the 405 is really shutting down so Michael Bay can shoot exploding bonus features for the Transformers 3 DVD." Adam Levine kept us laughing with his upbeat reaction to what others, including Rainn Wilson, are referring to as "#endtimes." Levine tweeted, "I think I want to throw a tailgate party for Carmageddon. Meet me at the 405 tomorrow. Let's party."