Tori Spelling: Celebrity Hoarder?

Funny Or Die

Tori Spelling: Celebrity Hoarder?

In this Funny or Die parody, it's revealed that Tori Spelling has a big problem with hoarding -- but not the typical kind involving mounds of clutter and trash. Instead, Tori has completely filled her house with gay men -- all sizes, shapes and colors -- and just can't stop adding more.

Tori's husband Dean McDermott explains the obsession simply: "My wife hoards gays." With the help of an intervention counselor, Tori is forced to confront her homosexual hoarding, which she admits is completely out of control because she "just love gays."

Tori is shown carrying out the painful process of evicting dozens of gay men from her home, literally forcing several out of her crowded closets.

Watch the video -- called "Hoarders: Untold sTori" -- to see how Tori's unique hoarding affects the whole family and to see singer Clay Aiken help with her recovery!