Pregnant Jenna Fischer Announces First Baby's Gender


Jenna Fischer ("The Office") blessed Jay Leno with an "exclusive" while taping an interview set to air tonight.

Jenna and her husband Lee Kirk announced the actress' pregnancy in May but Jenna waited until Tuesday's talk show appearance to reveal that she'll be having her first boy. This news breaks just days after she told Vulture that Pam and Jim on "The Office" will be having their second baby.

"When I went to my movie premiere the other day a reporter asked me if I knew what I was having, and I said I do, but I'm not sharing that yet because I'm [going to] have Jay be the first to know," Jenna gushed.

Jenna is currently promoting her new movie 'A Little Help' which hits theaters July 22.

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" airs weeknights on NBC.