Nicolas Cage's Son Weston Arrested in Domestic Violence Dispute

Getty Images

ET has learned that Weston Cage was arrested on Wednesday morning for the second time just this month.

According to police records, Weston was held on $50,000 bail for "domestic violence" and released at 4:54 PM.

A spokesman for the LAPD tells ET that the victim, Weston's wife Nikki Williams, had "minor scratches on the shoulder" and that one of the parties was taken to the hospital.

Weston was last arrested on the Fourth of July under the similar circumstances, except in that occurrence Nikki was also held in custody. Shortly after, they were both released without charges being filed.

Ironically, Nicolas Cage, Weston's father, was arrested in New Orleans on April 16 after an altercation with his wife Alice, resulting in one count of domestic abuse and one count of disturbing the peace. Nicolas was later released on $11,000 bail. His wife Alice did not press charges.