Watch: Denise Richards and Her Newborn Land in NYC


Denise Richards had her hands full as she was spotted arriving in NYC's JFK airport, one hand holding her daughter Sam's hand, the other cradling her newborn baby Eloise.

When paparazzi asked Denise, who just announced her adoption last month, if she was getting any sleep with baby Eloise Joni, she cracked, "You never get sleep with a newborn!"

She also responded to questions about the baby's name, to which she simply replied that "the girls and I love her name."

One fact about her new daughter's name that is known is that she was named in part after her late mother Joni, who passed away from cancer in 2007.

Check out the video for a peek at the new addition to the Richards family, and to see Denise put the rumors to rest that she will participate in a roast of ex-husband Charlie Sheen.