Crystal Harris Apologizes for Spilling Hugh Hefner Sex Secrets

Getty Images

Runaway bride Crystal Harris says she is sorry for publicly discussing details about her sex life with Hugh Hefner, including the revelation that sex with the Playboy founder lasted "like two seconds."

Harris' original comments came earlier this week during an interview on Howard Stern's SIRIUSXM radio show. The Playboy Playmatetweeted on Thursday that she went too far in the interview: "The Stern interview scared me, he's harsh. I was unprepared and blurted out things I shouldn't have said, I'm sorry."

In the interview, Harris said she was "not turned on by Hef" and never saw him naked. She also claimed the couple had sex only one time since they met in 2008.

In a Twitter response, Hefner praised Harris for clarifying her position: "Crystal apologized for her Howard Stern interview, which I appreciated. It didn't have much to do with reality." He added that he felt Crystal had told Stern "what he wanted to hear" and added: "I don't blame Howard, Crystal shouldn't have been booked on the show at this sensitive time."