Matt Damon Was Teacher's Pet at Washington Rally


Matt Damon was at the top of the class in Washington, D.C. on Saturday at the Save Our Schools March. The Harvard educated star holds the value of learning close to his heart and took a stance on the state of education in America.

"My imagination, my love of acting, my passion for writing, my love of learning, my curiosity. All of these things came by the way I was parented and taught," the father of four remarked at the podium. "My teachers were empowered to unlock our potential." Damon is raising three daughters and one step-daughter with wife Luciana.

With his high school history teacher by his side, Damon told ET's Washington, D.C. affiliate WUSA, "I feel more and more appreciative everyday for the teachers that I had and the older that I get, the more it really sinks in how lucky I was and I want that for every kid."

The do-gooder, sporting a freshly shaved head, can next be seen with Gwyneth Paltrow in 'Contagion,' in theaters September 9.