How To Date Mark Sanchez

GQ Magazine

How To Date Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez has accomplished quite a lot in the two years since he was drafted by the New York Jets. In addition to becoming captain of his team and one of the league's most well-regarded players, Sanchez has also emerged as one of the city's most eligible bachelors. This probably has something to do with his good looks and penchant for flaunting them in arty photo shoots.

The latest is for GQ Magazine's September Style Issue, on stands August 23, which also touts the return of football! Inside the magazine, Sanchez not only talks about his love of Broadway, but also the ladies. That's where he lays down four requirements any woman he dates must meet. So break out those No. 2 pencils, ladies and start taking notes!

1. “I can’t help but want somebody that’s, I don’t know, athletic.”

2. “Family is big. My mom has to love her. I mean, love her.”

3. “Somebody who can handle all this, you know, who can help me handle all this -- because I’m still learning.”

4. “Cynically, I think: Okay, how is this person going to help me win a Super Bowl?”

For video from Mark Sanchez's shoot, tune in to ET tonight.