Kim Kardashian Dishes Wedding Details

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Kim Kardashian is not spilling too many secrets about her much-anticipated weekend wedding, but she did tell Ryan Seacrest she's now calm after feeling completely overwhelmed during a "freak-out" moment last week.

When asked what exactly caused last week's mini meltdown, Kim told On Air with Ryan Seacrest that it involved "everything and anything -- from Kris' dogs in my space, to his shirts on the floor, to going over budgets." She added: "Planning a wedding is so much work. I had no idea."

When asked whether she is positive that Kris is the one and that now is the right time for the wedding, Kim said there was never any chance she'd become a runaway bride. "When you know you know, and it's just... I don't know we're having so much fun and we just get along so well, he just lets me be me. We have such a good relationship."

She revealed to Ryan that her initial vision of her "top secret" wedding gown changed after her friend Nicole Richie had ideas to take the dress in a different direction, which Kim described as "super classic and old Hollywood." She also said there will be additional wedding outfits she'll be debuting throughout the night.

The reality star also spoke about how she'll honor her deceased father, Robert Kardashian, by carrying something to remember him during the entire wedding. "You'll feel, I think, the presence of my dad and you'll feel the love in the room, and that's what's going to be the best part of this whole night." Kim revealed that leading up to the wedding there have been emotional moments relating to her father and she's sought comfort from her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, who will walk her down the aisle.