Exclusive: Brittny Gastineau Caught Kim's Bouquet!


Brittny Gastineau caught the bouquet at Kim Kardashian's weekend wedding, and now she talks exclusively to ET about the exciting event!

"Kim is a princess and everyone's been waiting for this day," says the model and Gastineau Girls reality star. "I had a little talk with her when she was going to throw the bouquet. I said, 'Listen, you and I have been best friends the longest. I'd better catch this bouquet.' And she looks at me and she winks at me."

Of course, Brittny caught the flowers and then, "I was like, 'I'm next!' And everyone was screaming, 'We want a do-over! Brittny can't win it!'" Recalling how Kim caught the bouquet at her sister Khloe's wedding, Brittny observes, "When a Kardashian throws a bouquet, it's lucky."

No stranger to fashion and good taste, Brittny and her mother Lisa Gastineau have parlayed their years of high-end jewelry design into one of the most successful lines, the Gastineau Glamour Jewelry Collection, available on HSN and HSN.com.

Of Kim's big day, she reveals, "My favorite moment was when … Bruce was walking her down the aisle and I just looked at her and I knew that this is finally here, this day that you've always wanted, and you met a great guy. Who would ever think that she would meet a guy named Kris with a K? That's when you know it's meant to be."

Brittny described the lavish wedding reception as "extravagant" and "amazing," adding that "the food was unreal" and the cake "was to die for." Clearly she and everyone ate well!

"She looked like an old Hollywood glamorous princess," adds Brittny. "It was just like a fairy tale."

Want to see Brittny catch the bouquet and more? Watch Kim's complete wedding when it airs on E! as a two-part special on October 9 and 10.

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