Kate Winslet's Kids 'Brave' During Island Fire

Getty Images

Virgin mogul Richard Branson is blogging about the scary Necker Island that destroyed his home in his private Caribbean island early Monday morning, calling Kate Winslet and her two children Mia and Joe, who escaped the fire, "some of the bravest kids" [he's] ever known.

"Special congratulations and lots of hugs went to Kate Winslet's two beautiful children Mia, 10 and Joe, 7," Branson writes. "They were real troupers and two of the bravest kids I've ever come across!"

According to the Associated Press, the Oscar winner was with her boyfriend model Louis Dowler and her two children at Necker Island's fourteen-bedroom Great House when a 4 a.m. fire broke out during a wind and lightning storm. Branson was staying in a nearby property with his wife and son, who helped Winslet and approximately 20 guests -- which included his daughter and 90-year-old mother -- evacuate safely.

Though his home was completely destroyed, Branson is happy that everyone escaped the fire uninjured.

"The overriding emotion though was a strong sense of relief that we had all got through it unscathed," Branson blogs.

And though he is devastated after losing his family home, he is also looking forward to rebuilding.

"It will take some time and it will be a few days before we understand the full extent of what is needed but lots of the talk in the middle of the night turned to what we could build, what would it look like, how could we design something even more beautiful," he writes. " ... like a phoenix something beautiful will rise again from those ashes."