Carrie Fisher Loses 50 Pounds!

Jenny Craig

Her bikini body is one of the most iconic of all-time, but it's been almost 30 years since Carrie Fisher donned Princess Leia's gold getup in Star Wars: Episode V1 Return of the Jedi. However, the 54-year-old is determined to shed enough weight to slip back into the style!

That's one of the reasons she partnered up with Jenny Craig, and one of the driving factors behind her incredible 50 pound weight loss, which she debuts in this week's People magazine. "I want to get back into the metal bikini," she said on the Today show this morning.

Although it sounds like good sense might win out as Fisher goes on to joke, "I'm not going to wear a lot of sleeveless things. I think after fifty, there's a law." In all seriousness though, the 2011 Emmy nominee recalls the moment that made her realize a change was long overdue. "I couldn't look in the mirror. I felt horrible."

Luckily the woman who has previously said that instant gratification takes too long, discovered that Jenny Craig's meal plan was totally doable! "The food is good," she says. "I'm addicted to the cereal. It tastes like you're cheating. Which I like. I'm a truant."