Does Taylor Blame Herself for Husband's Suicide?

Does Taylor Blame Herself for Husband's Suicide?

With today's release of the stirring Taylor Armstrong 911 call after discovering her husband Russell Armstrong had hung himself, ET's Samantha Harris digs deeper into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's state of mind with her manager, Robert Thorne.

"Her loss is stunning, and it's singular, and it's a loss many people don't experience because it's so public," says Thorne. "She's not able to talk to people right now. She's devastated. She hasn't even begun the process of healing."

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Asked if he thinks Taylor blames herself for Russell's suicide, Thorne replies, "I could guess that any wife, any spouse, who loses another is going to feel any number of emotions, and guilt is probably one of them. Perhaps that's why she's done so much in the last week or 10 days, to step up and spare no expense at a difficult financial time for her … to make sure she gave the best remembrance for him."

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On the day of Russell's funeral, a shattered and distraught Taylor was carried from the memorial service. Thorne says that pure emotion took over her body.

"It was devastating for her, that's all I can say," he says. "I can just say it was very hard on her, but I know she's strong, but something I'd rather she talk to when she can."

As for the decision to not bring their five-year-old daughter Kennedy to the service, Thorne explains, "[Taylor] was terrified that her daughter would be terrified, and she wanted to protect her from that. It's just too hard to explain, everybody, 160, 180, 200 people, mourning, crying, tearful, outraged, incensed about the public nature of it all. And a little five-year-old can't process that."

Taylor has not spoken publicly since her husband's suicide and has remained in seclusion.

"Taylor is really not thinking about the media, the public at all right now," says Thorne on her behalf. "She's thinking about her daughter, she's thinking about how she's been devastated, she's thinking about when she'll be able to start to heal."

Tomorrow on ET, Thorne responds to questions about Taylor's future and if she will return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.