Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar Spill Wedding Details

Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar Spill Wedding Details

Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd finally dished about their recent weddings on the season premiere of The View -- Behar marrying longtime partner Steve Janowitz on August 12, and Shepherd marrying Lamar Sally the next day in Chicago.

Shepherd, who actually wore her wedding dress and sparkly wedding shoes to Tuesday's show, excitedly flashed her wedding ring and shared how co-host and bridesmaid Elizabeth Hasselbeck saved her from a potentially mortifying wardrobe malfunction on her big day.

On the advice of her bridesmaid Niecy Nash, Shepherd wore no underwear to her wedding, which became problematic when the microphone pack for her upcoming TV special on the Style Network fell down her back. As her friends started to lift her dress to help her, a panicked Shepherd screeched, "'No, I have no panties on!' ... And one bridesmaid thought I kept screaming, 'My pancreas! My pancreas!,'" she now laughs.

Eventually Hasselbeck stepped in to help her, but it wasn't without a fight.

"[It was] like a person drowning who won't let you help them," she says, recalling the incident. "I was ready to slap you."

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On a more serious note, Behar revealed the real reason she decided to finally tie the knot after 29 years with longtime partner Janowitz -- gay marriage rights.

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Behar shared how her decision was inspired by the realization of the limitations gay couples face who are not legally allowed to get married in their home state.

"It brought to my consciousness why gays need to get married, and I thought it was a good reason for me to get married, and so did Steve -- so we did it."

Check out the video to see Shepherd's bllinged-out wedding heels up-close, and to hear Behar's humorous "Top 10" reasons why she got married.