Peas Raise $1.3 Mil. For Duhamel's Hometown

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Peas Raise $1.3 Mil. For Duhamel's Hometown

Spirits weren't the only thing raised this weekend as the Black Eyed Peas made a very special visit to flood-ravaged Minot, ND. Preliminary figures for the Saturday benefit concert reveals the event helped to raise approximately $1.3 Million dollars towards recovery efforts.

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Nearly 16,000 fans attended the Labor Day weekend concert organized in part by Josh Duhamel who was born and raised in Minot, a city hit especially hard by summer floods.

After the performance, Duhamel took to Twitter to thank the Peas writing: "A HUGE thank you to @iamwill, @TabBep, @apl_de & #Fergie for their incredible act of kindness for doing #MinotRising. North Dakota loves you."

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Duhamel was named chairman for the flood's recovery fund in June, and in the months since over $3 Million has been raised towards rebuilding.

For more information about the Minot Area Community Foundation, or to find out how you can help, please visit their website, and the