Dr Phil: Casey Let Her Family 'Twist in the Wind'

Dr Phil: Casey Let Her Family 'Twist in the Wind'

Starting Tuesday on Dr. Phil, Casey Anthony's parents, Cindy and George Anthony, go on the record about their daughter and the many unanswered questions that remain following the murder trial related to the death of Casey's young daughter.

"Casey knew this child was dead, and knew where she was, and she let her family twist in the wind, she let people go through all these investigations, she told story after story after story -- when in fact she knew exactly what the case was," Dr. Phil tells our Mark Steines.

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The case made national headlines when Casey did not report her two-year-old daughter Caylee's disappearance for 31 days -- and the remains of the child were discovered close to Anthony's home approximately six months later. Casey was charged with her daughter's murder, and many disturbing facts – and unanswered questions -- came to light. But in the end, there was not enough evidence to build a solid case against Casey, and she was acquitted of the murder charge on July 5.

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"You look at the pictures of Caylee -- what a precious child -- and I think people are just enraged that no one has been held to account in this child's death in any way," says Dr. Phil. "I think they're very upset with Casey, I think they believe she knows more than she's told. … I think they believe that her parents know more about this than they're saying -- and I drill down on that in a major way."

Tune in to Dr. Phil beginning Tuesday for his exclusive interview.