Charlie Sheen Asks 'To Be Forgiven'


Charlie Sheen is apologizing for his public spat with producers of his former show Two and a Half Men and tells ET's Chris Jacobs he's moving into a brand-new chapter of his life after his much-publicized erratic behavior over the past year.

In an interview conducted after last night's Emmy Awards show, Sheen revealed he couldn't have been happier presenting a statuette to Jim Parsons, who won last night for the second time for his lead role in the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory.

Sheen said he joked with Parsons that his agent must have been overjoyed
at his win two years in a row. "I said, 'Your agent is home right now
with a gigantic grin -- in the shape of a dollar sign.' I said, 'Good
for you, good for you, two in a row - wow.'"

It was ironic that Sheen was presenting the award to the star of The Big Bang Theory, which is also produced by Two and a Half Men's Chuck Lorre, whom Sheen harshly criticized during his public feud with CBS in the midst of being fired from Men. Earlier this year, Sheen referred to Lorre and other producers of the show as "fools and trolls."

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Sheen told Chris he now believes Lorre is a talented producer who gives actors good material so they can succeed. "The guy just continues to provide actors with brilliant material. He's the best. He's the best. And however we felt about each other, it doesn't matter when it comes down to looking at the man's work."

Sheen said he was grateful for the chance to participate in the Emmy Awards to give the public a different view after a tumultuous year. "I was thrilled to be here. And I think it was an important moment to just get inside... and present myself in a way that is the truth about what's going on. Everything I say now is not manufactured or trying to look good. It's about just unloading what was wrong with how I was addressing everything."

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The star also spoke about his celebrity roast -- which airs tonight on Comedy Central at 10 p.m.-- calling it a new beginning in his life and career. "And I think what's awesome about it... this closes the book. It just kind of puts all that crap behind me and allows me to move forward."

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Watch the video to hear what Sheen is looking forward to about his roast, which follows the season premiere of Two and a Half Men at 9 p.m. on CBS.