Tonight on ET: Taylor Armstrong in Her Own Words


Taylor Armstrong opens up to Nancy O'Dell on this evening's Entertainment Tonight in her first interview since her husband Russell Armstrong took his life.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star goes on the record about the domestic abuse she suffered at Russell's hands, telling Nancy, "He grabbed me by the neck and shoved me up against the wall and he said, 'If you ever make my children a pizza without a vegetable again, I'll kill you.'"

"He would grab me by one side of the hair on my head and bang the other side of my head against the car," she discloses.

Taylor cries as she recounts, "He would say to me, 'I'm afraid I'm going to kill you one day.'"

The mom of young daughter Kennedy remembers the night that her husband was found dead, telling Nancy, "As I was laying in the street screaming, I realized that my little girl was there. And I had to pull it together to get her out of there."

Tune in to ET tonight for more of this revealing, raw interview. For more about Taylor, please visit her web site.