Real-Life 'Dynasty': Meet Petra Ecclestone


Meet Petra Ecclestone -- like a character straight out of Dynasty, the 22-year-old, newlywed billionairess recently purchased the Spelling mansion as a "starter home," rumored to cost around $85 million.

Petra's father is British billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, who has the Formula One racing empire, and her mother Slavica was a former model. Petra's husband, James Stunt, is involved in gold mines among other pursuits. The five acre, 57,000-square-feet French chateau-style mansion in question, dubbed "The Manor," was built by TV producer Aaron Spelling (including Dynasty and Beverly Hills, 90210) and his wife, Candy, in 1991 in L.A.'s exclusive Holmby Hills neighborhood.

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"It's just an amazing house," Petra tells our own Mark Steines at Bar Nineteen12 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "I find it cozy. I know everyone's gonna be like, 'You're crazy, how is a house that big be cozy?' But it's really not ostentatious."

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On the fashion side, the former runway model is working to make a name for herself as a designer with her line of Stark handbags, launching with a Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Featuring exotic skins and a clutch made entirely of Swarovski crystals, the handbags range from about $500-$5,000. As a teenager, Petra suffered a life-threatening bout with meningitis, and now she works closely with the Meningitis Trust, recently becoming their ambassador. Proceeds from one of her handbags go to the Meningitis Trust.

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