Marisa Tomei Skinny Dips with George Clooney

Getty Images

Marisa Tomei revealed to Conan O'Brien last night that she and other cast members stripped naked to go skinny dipping with George Clooney at his villa in Lake Como, Italy.

Tomei said she visited Clooney's Lake Como home a few weeks ago while she and other cast members were promoting The Ides of March at Italy's Venice Film Festival. 

Tomei said Clooney offered a skinny dipping challenge that she accepted along with Evan Rachel Wood and talk show host Charlie Rose, who plays himself in the movie. "So he throws the gauntlet down: 'Are you guys gonna jump in the lake?'" She then reveals: "We wound up all skinny dipping, let's just cut to the chase."

O'Brien then joked about possibly being invited himself to a future romp with Clooney. "If George Clooney invites me to his Lake Como palazzo, I will walk around naked the entire time." To this, Tomei responds: "You're gonna get an invite, like tomorrow, and you're gonna have to live up to that, I'm sure."